The Irish Setter Men’s 802 Havoc Waterproof 10″ Upland Hunting Boot

There has never been a better design of hunting boots than that of the Irish Setter Men's 802 Havoc Waterproof 10" Upland.

This boot is designed for long-term use and is very comfortable with a padded collar and an adjustable strap for that perfect fit.

Its Upland Sole is very cushioning, lightweight and has waterproofing designs making it a must have outdoor hunting pair.

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Special features:

  • The Irish Setter Men's 802 Havoc Waterproof 10" Upland Hunting Boot is made of Synthetic Material and Leather.
  • This boot is aggressively fitted with a lunged rubber sole for that firm grip on any unpredictable terrains.
  • Its leather upper enhances its durability and complements to overall look.
  • It is designed with a Moccasin-stitched toe and an adjustable buckle strap.
  • Its polyurethane foot-bed is easily removable.
  • With a full length medial zipper, The Irish Setter Men's 802 Havoc fits perfectly.
  • It has a padded collar for maximum comfort.
  • The boot is fitted with a GORE-TEX membrane that is water proof, breathable with an air channelled polyurethane-cushioned foot-bed to keep the feet ultra-dry.


  • Material: Its hand sewn moc toe leather upper is very tough and durable. This is complemented with and aggressively fitted sole and a zip up closure
  • Comfort: this durable boot is designed with a padded collar at the shin for more comfort. An inside zipper adds to the on-off ease while the polyurethane midsole is cushined with the UltraFlex Upland sole for much lasting support and comfort.
  • Secure fit: this is made possible by an adjustable strap that also allows for a full length fit.
  • Waterproofing: Your feet will be kept dry as the boots come with a GORE-TEX membrane that is breathable, waterproof and an air channelled polyurethane-cushioned footbed.
  • Grip:the 10 Inch GTX 802 Havoc has a lugged sole that provides a dependable traction on any terrain.
  • Wide range: they come in various sizes and widths for everyone to get the best fitting pair.
  • Lightweight: made of composite material that is very light weight and long-lasting. This material also adds to comfort and endurance.


  • Are not only durable but also comfortable boots with a flex-lock and a Moc-toe leather upper
  • Its padded shin and a cushioning polyurethane midsole add to the overall comfort
  • They are fitted with adjustable straps to ensure not only secure fit also full length fit
  • With this boot, your feet are maintained dry. Thanks to the breathable GORE-TEX membrane that is water proof and cushioned with a polyurethane foot-bed.
  • Excellent grip and dependable traction on any terrain is via an Upland Sole that is aggressively fitted.
  • They are available in a range of different sizes and width to choose from.
  • Other than durability, the Irish Setter Men's 802 Havoc Waterproof 10" Upland Hunting Boot is lightweight making it ideal for hunting.
  • The fact that they have a zip up closure adds an ease of use to the overall picture.


  • Some customers complained about not well fitting boots with thin leather and unappealing Moc toe seam that did not portray any craftsmanship.

How It Helps You:

The Irish Setter Men's 802 Havoc Waterproof 10" Upland Hunting Boots are the current market finest in terms of quality and product value.

They are waterproof to keep your feet dry, comfortable (this is aided by the cushioning polyurethane midsole, adjustable strap and padded collar), can be used in various terrains and are fairly affordable for their quality.



  • With the price range, is it not on the higher side?

No. considering their durability, comfort and all other features that come with this pair, the price is fairly low.

  • Are all the boots insulated?
  • some are lined, warm, comfortable and waterproofed.


Other than the above features with regards to the Irish Setter Men's 802 Havoc Waterproof 10" Upland Hunting Boot.

You will realize that the boot is designed to complement your overall look; thanks to the leather upper and the padded shin.


Consequently, its waterproofing nature and a dependable traction on any terrain make it stand out.


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