Irish Setter Men’s 878 Trailblazer Waterproof 7″ Big Game Hunting Boot

With the Irish Setter Men’s 878 Trailblazer Waterproof 7″ Big Game Hunting boots, hunting is always satisfying.

They are made of full leather that is waterproof and tough, are fitted with a seven-inch shaft for protection, are warm with Thinsulate insulation, keep your feet Bone-dry all day long, have a footbed that is responsive not forgetting an odor inhibitor.

All these at the lowest market rate.

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Special features:


  • Irish Setter Men's 878 Trailblazer Waterproof 7" Big Game Hunting Boot are made synthetic material and leather.
  • The shaft measures approximately 7.5 inches from the arch.
  • These boots are aggressively fitted with a synthetic sole.
  • The insole is easily removable.
  • This hunting boot has a moulded cleat outsole that ensures a perfect grip on any trying terrain.
  • With waterproofed membranes, your feet are kept ultra-dry all day long
  • It has a protective seven-inch-high shaft.


Via Amazon.com

  • Waterproof: the Irish Setter Men's 878 Trailblazer Waterproof 7" Big Game Hunting Boots are made of synthetic material and leather that is purely waterproof. Again, they are fitted with moisture management linings to ensure comfort and all day long performance.
  • Different sizes and widths: during manufacture, the rule of thumb is to manufacture quality and well-fitting boots for everyone. They therefore come in different sizes and widths to choose from.
  • Odour free: made possible by the Scent ban technology. This technology cuts out scent from bacteria in the inner boot lining. The Scent Ban technology may be available in other boot brands but is profound in the Irish Setter. Being scent proof ensures that you are not ‘given away’ to the prey.
  • Perfect Grip: this Irish Setter has an outsole with moulded cleats providing the best surface contact on any unfamiliar terrain.
  • Comfort: the dual density design for the foot-bed guarantees day long comfort
  • Lightweight: these boots are not only lightweight but also durable making them ideal for hunting not to mention hiking.
  • Material: Made of synthetic material and full grain leather that is water proof and fully breathable with ultra-dry technology.



  • This setter has its tongue cushioned for optimal comfort.
  • With scent Ban technology, there are no odours or accumulations thus better hunting results.
  • Optimal surface grips on any terrain ensured via moulded cleats on the outsole.
  • Wide range availability in terms of sizes and widths.
  • Inner linings for water management and maximum waterproofing.
  • Lightweight and durable thus ideal for hunting.
  • This Men's 878 Trailblazer Waterproof 7" Big Game Hunting Boot is Abrasion resistant.
  • With speed lacing designs, there are no undue delays.


  • Some complains were received with regards to the Leather being overly wrinkled. Also, the stitching at the bottom of the sole frayed after some time of walking through rugged terrains.

How It Helps You:

The Irish Setter Men's 878 Trailblazer Waterproof 7" Big Game Hunting Boots are among the finest hunting boots. They are not only waterproofed and comfortable but also less costly and give you value for money.

This pair never compromises on quality and is manufactured based on changing trends and innovation.

Use of latest technology while manufacturing them ensure that you get the best class fit and comfort.




  • Are these boots insulated? The product description reads ‘thinsulateinsulation’; does this mean the boots are insulated?

Yes. Thinsulate insulation means that the boots are insulated with a thin insulation layer. It is also important to note that the boots are waterproofed.

  • I find the jugged tongue that points the toe irritating. What can I do?

That can be removed if need be. Alternatively, hold it up with laces.



Apart from the covered features regarding the Irish Setter Men's 878 Trailblazer Waterproof 7" Big Game Hunting Boots, you will also realize that they are comfortable and highly flexible hence perfectly suitable for outdoor hunting.

Again, in terms of market price, they are fairly cheap taking into consideration all the benefit that comes with them.

Consequently, you are guaranteed a perfect grip on terrain surface, waterproofing features, and no odor not to mention Abrasion Resistance. With this 878 Trailblazer, hunting has never been complete.


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