Irish Setter Men’s 2870 Vaprtrek Waterproof 8 Inch Boot Reviews

The Irish Setter Men’s Boots have a full length along with lighter weight comparing to others in the market. They can excel you in water, mud, and even snow without being fallen beneath.

These imported boots are extremely durable and ideally can be worn in early-season. Because of having RPM technology, they significantly reduce weight.

Its upper side is also waterproof along with strong logo-stamped tongue. Enjoy these boots that come with the 40% lighter weight compared to traditional pieces.


In spite of being lighter in weight, they don’t compromise with the quality regarding grip and strength. They come with both traction and balance.

In fact, this pair of boots is a thing you will ever need whenever you intend to go for hunting.


An unbelievable amount of flexibility these boots retain along with maximum protection that comes with the pair.

Special outsoles have been designed with the pair that will prevent dirt, mud, and ice to go through inside, thus, they won’t stick to your soles and you will feel ease move ahead and mud or ice wouldn’t prove a hurdle for your stride.

Walking and climbing is easier through these boots than other available in the market.



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This particular item would prove an excellent choice for you regardless of the matter you need for.

So, whether you need a pair of lightweight winter boots and warm boots, or just to keep the water off of the feet in the marshes and swamps, the Irish Setter boots can be a choice that won’t get you down.


ScentBan has been added to different materials such as leathers, linings, and footbed.

The purpose behind is to kill the bacteria and other germs that cause many diseases and odors.

Extreme comfort is provided along with magnificent endurance. 

The materials added into these boots pose good strength and durability and the plus point is that all the positive features are without having any extra weight.




They come with full size and you can cover the area below your knee to fingers. Nylon and rubber make the boots worth wearing together.

The construction is tough that resists snags, cuts, and abrasion. Contrary to other traditional boots, the construction isn’t that look weak and odd.

The beauty, as well as the quality, has been maintained while constructing.


The manufacturers made sure to design it waterproof, so the uppers and outsoles are fully waterproof just to keep your stay dry all the time.


  • The is moisture-wicking, so you will feel comfortable regarding your feet.
  • The outsoles are created non-loading, so forget the mud and snow to be disturbed with, as they won’t be carried out while walking, but instead, the outsole will shed them immediately soon after sticking.
  • Customers rated the item well because of being cozy and warm all the way.
  • Strap closure and snug buckle
  • Thick foam in the insoles has been added, that cushions the feet when you need to go on long hikes. Thus, you won’t feel any disturbance while walking for a longer time.


  • These waterproof boots aren’t good in term of ventilation and airflow. They aren’t airy as expected and as described on Amazon and other places.
  • Since they aren’t good in breathing, you may feel some uncomforting especially when it’s very hot. Although, the company has tried his best to overcome the issue and mitigate the problem through putting an absorbent insole, but it doesn’t help much better


Are they insulated?

No, they aren’t. Instead, they have a good thick lining which is stitched into them, that’s why your feet will never get cold even if you wear thin sports socks.

What do you recommend, wearing in hot weather or cold?

The lower leg is fully covered in these boots made of nylon and rubber, so the expectations regarding having comfort in this situation aren’t that good.

However, if you need to wear in cold weather, they can prove to be excellent, working, and comfortable both for you and your feet.



After writing the pros, cons, features, and benefits, I’m able to suggest my reader to buy this item.

It can prove to be the most excellent pair and it should be worn before starting your new adventure.


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