Types Of Squirrels You Can Hunt

The love of hunting is seeing a new height because technology is unable to match the thrill of getting into a hunting field and killing some of the fastest animals.

Small hunting involves small animals but all of these are very swift and highly skilled. It is quite a task to see them through the eyepiece and get them in one shot. It requires a lot of professional training and practice to kill a small as fast as squirrel with one bullet.

Hunters from around the world love hunting for squirrels because of the challenge it puts upfront and makes people have a lot of fun. You are going to find squirrels in bunch, which increases the pleasure of hunting with leaps and bounds.

 Varied Types Of Squirrels.

Fox Squirrels

 These squirrels are also known as Red Squirrel; mostly found in North America, these are red in color and can be easily distinguished. The red color makes them easily targe table.

You can locate it through the eyepiece and hit it at the right place. These small animals are fast but extremely dumb; it is easier to lie to trap and catch these squirrels.

Though small in size they somewhat look like a monkey and often are confused with territorial squirrels.

These fox squirrels are very much popular in Canada, people have always been fan of these hence have targeted it during hunting.

These squirrels can grow up to 39 inches in size and become quite conspicuous, which makes it easier for hunters to hunt. One should always use a rifle for killing these squirrels because the range shotgun provides is very less.

Gray Squirrels

Red Squirrels in some part of the world are often confused with Gray Squirrels but in reality both these are very different. Gray Squirrels are often found in Asian region whereas Red Squirrel is found in North America.

With gray Squirrels found more in Asian region people here have plenty of hunting opportunity. Unlike red squirrels gray squirrels are tough to locate in forests but it can be killed easily once traced.

The efficient use of lethal weapon and skilled hunting capability can help people enjoy an amazing hunting expedition.

Gray squirrels are not as long as red squirrels but can range somewhere between 9 to 12 inches. Hunters will have to be really fast with spotting and killing in the hunting ground.

Any delay in pulling the trigger after spotting it will lead to loss of target and will ruin the fun of hunting.

Pine squirrels

With a huge tail and big head these are the most loved hunting squirrels. People from around the globe have loved these animals in the hunting ground. One can easily spot them and pull the trigger.

The huge head and long tail allows hunters to take their time, aim well and shoot. Hunters are enjoying hunting with pine squirrels because it is also as swift as other squirrels but then easily available as well.

Hunters from around the world are trying a lot of tactics and most of them are successful with their hunting expedition.

Pine squirrels are found in almost every corner of the world; they are available in abundant form in North America, Asia and Russia as well. One can go anywhere in the world with his or her hunting passion and find a respite in Pine Squirrels.

More Than 170 Varieties Of Squirrels:

At first it may sound weird but yes there are more than 170 varieties of squirrel found on this planet. Hunters from around the world can look for squirrels in jungles and backyards and make the most of their hunting skills.

The world is hunting more than ever and with squirrels available in such a huge number the game just gets better and better.

Hunters are making use of varied lethal weapons; most of the time choice of weapon is based on location, proximity and nature of attack. There are hunters who make use of knives for killing squirrels.

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