How To Hunt Wolf

If you are a professional hunter, I am sure that you will want to hunt wolves which are considered as one of the most big, tough and crazy smart species even it has become tendency of all hunters in the world. For example, there is a hunter with his wolf tag in pocket killed most of wolves in the Idahoan and Montana opened seasons.

1> Guide how to hunt wolves for beginner hunters


With the beginner hunters of wolves, it is quite difficult for them to find them even this is considered as a challenge. Therefore, if you would like to join this game of hunting wolf, you have to create yourself patience especially stamina as much as possible. What is more, to enjoy a really wolf hunt, you should belong to kinds of people who highly appreciate hunting as killing. Another disadvantage of hunting wolves is the wolf species usually act at night for hunting their prey. Even do you know now on the hunting seasons in Montana and Idaho, it has forbidden hunt wolves at night? That means hunting wolves when they are hunting their own prey is a serious and dangerous mistake.

Normally, there are two methods for hunting wolves.

  • The first way is not to hunt really. However, you are able to still keep a tag in pocket, in the event of hunting deer or elk. You never know where packs of wolves are so this is quite ideal for preparing even when you are intending to hunt something is not wolves. In addition, in case you pass an area of hunting wolves the ability of seeing you before you recognize its existence is extremely high. Thus, there is a preparation for shooting is very essential due to you will not have too much time for hesitation.
  • The second way is that if you really would like to shoot wolf, let you wait until it comes to you. Although in Canada, hunters can hunt wolves, in some of States, hunting wolves is not allowed. However, as I said easier, you can still have a wolf, in the event of waiting it comes to you. With the wolves' territorial feature, they will regularly patrol their territories in order to make sure there are no any predators near them. If you recognize any tracks or signs of wolves, that is its area. It is time for you to get a great bet because they are not too far you or at least they will come back soon or late when staying in a packs territory of wolves. However, it is extremely important for you to be careful in these areas like this due to predator work their hunting very well in their "home".


In summary, as I said easier, the key of success in hunting wolves is patience so never wait to an easy and fast process of hunting like plopping down only 5 minutes on any hills from a flat way and calling the extra 10 minutes for owning prey - the wolf. Wolves are the "hunter" who is more careful than your think especially it is capacity of coming from at least one mile even more. Thus, it is ready takes from 30 minutes to an hour for paying to wait and call. You have to pay attention that once you stand up, the prey can be scared by you creating some unexpected accidents. So why do not you wait longer 5 or 10 minutes for seeing your wolf appears on the hill. Though this can take you some minutes, if you prepare the exact gear as well as utilize the right rifle combining this calling technique the right way, your opportunity for taking a new skin rug made from wolf is very high.

Which equipment you need to prepare before hunting wolf

In my opinion, the following items are the most important things: water, camouflage, weapons, hunting license, binoculars, flashlight.

2> While hunting, what do you need to avoid


  • Do not run because wolves are also considered the dangerous hunters. This will create something is very bad with your prey.
  • Do not stare your prey down due to this will create a threat for it.
  • Turn your back on it is considered as a big threat
  • Some your natural actions create a scary appearance which wolves hate very much such as shout, raise your arms over your head and throw stones.
  • Let you go back away as slow as possible, once you recognize you enter the wolves' enclosure following the exiting direction back fence.
  • Do not make your scared or fall face because it will impulse an attack from wolves.
  • The last method without having any better ways is to roll as a ball for protecting your face.

3> Where to hunt


Two typical Minnesota and Wisconsin states allows hunters to hunt wolves. In addition, since 2009, there have been two extra areas allowing to hunt this species such as Idaho and Montana. Generally, the territories of wolf species is pretty difficult to know all because of the hundreds of miles so to track all of them. This process is something is extremely difficult.

Although there were some years when hunting wolf is very tumultuous in the northern Rockies, after all, the Idaho and Montana areas have opened the first hunting wolf season in 2009. An amazing information is hunters in these two places have killed 545 wolves in only the last year.

In a word, the reasons which I mentioned above have proved that the wolf hunting is capacity of increasing in the next time as much as possible so do you would like to become one of the wolf hunters with the special predator trophies? I gave you the essential information above. All of others depend on how you build a good and safe strategy for yourself. Hope you have an interesting and safe hunt with your partners.

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Belia Trentini - December 26, 2016

Very good written information. It will be useful to everyone who employess it, as well as myself. Keep doing what you are doing – looking forward to more posts.


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