How To Hunt Deer

Whether you hunt a big or small one, with most of hunters, deer hunting is always an unique experience. In spite of any goals, you had better kill them as humanely and quickly as possible. If you want to increase the change of success and have more fun , before hunting , it is very essential for you to know the following detailed information :

1. Why should be deer hunting


a. Organic and hormone-free food

Before food contamination today, it is very necessary for you to know the which source of meat you eat everyday. So why do not you hunt deer to have the healthy and fresh meat instead of the unsafe meats supplied from some grocery stores.

b. Health benefits

This is true because hunting is an uneasy process. It requires your good stamina for walking through forests, streams and many different types of terrains. Even in the difficult condition like that, you have to carry on guns and other hunting things. What is more, after finishing your hunt, you will drag it out of the remote location so your health will be improved after these hunts like an athlete.

c. Stress reduction in woods and nature

This is proven by a lot of studies. That means with only leisure 10 walking minutes in nature, all blood pressure, stress and worry will decrease significantly. Especially, you will be received a better efficiency, in the event of walking by yourself. However, in case you hunt with your friends or family, you will get other benefits like that is the wonderful change for sharing stories together.

d. Connection to tradition

In a large number of places especially the US, deer hunting is their tradition so this help you link easily with experience, history and folk culture of some areas. In addition, this is also one of activities connecting communities together.

e. Exchange

In some areas, you can exchange the deer's meat and deerskin for the useful items such as deerskin gloves and knife handles.

2 Who should hunt deer


You ought to merely hunt deer when you have become a professional hunter with several experience and maturity of skills due to this is a very hard working. Furthermore, there were countless mistakes of unprofessional hunters in this deer hunting process. However, with the beginners of deer hunting, they are able to still do it with full of skills as well as confidence.

3 The hunting gear:

a. License and regulations

You are able to get license from your state wildlife agency. Meanwhile, with regulations, you had better refer to the Internet or licensed places. You have to remember that knowing regulations is very important because it helps you avoid the unnecessary trouble.

b. Guns and ammunition

This tool has many different kinds so when choosing, you must consider carefully length, color, types of metal and weight even checking whether it is old or new and its manual. All of these features depend on your preference and terrains which you will pass. Also, do not forget to prepare the extra gun cleaning kit. Besides guns and ammunition, you ought to also take the additional Gun cleaning honing stone and kit knife for killing prey quickly.

c. Camo

It is used for concealing yourself. Each year, the hunting market launches many new templates so there are a great many designs suiting to all of situations.

d. Boots

The hunting places usually have several wetlands with the hindrance, uneven terrains full of wooden stakes and ponds around even fence so boots are very important in your hunting trips. With the terrains like that, you should opt for the waterproof boots.

4. Where can be deer hunting


Private land is the most ideal place due to you are able to do anything without being prohibited but this is quite expensive. Therefore, most of hunters have other choices. For example, some of them rent hunting rights from the farmers in their farms. Taking part in the hunting clubs is also a very good idea for the shake of their full of equipment for an interesting hunt.

In some places like Texa, hunters are provided nearly one million hectares of public land for hunting but these places are always attached some special regulations so let check with the state wildlife agency or Hunting National Wildlife Refuges.

5. The deer behavior

In nature, deer is usually live in groups of from five to seven ones even a dozen. It likes living in open forest, grass-plot, near lakes, rivers and streams where have many leaves and grass. In addition, they are the weak animal which is always the tasty prey of predators such as tigers and leopards so they have foraging behavior at night. Meanwhile, other times, deer usually chew or break. Their housing will change after days, nights and seasons ranging the quite stable life.

6. Tips for successful deer hunting

Deer's nose is the best defensive tool so let you try to move your body after the upwind deer trail.

During the approaching process, you had better also try to maintain your motionless posture because of deer's sharp eyes and ears.

Let you aim at the left elbow of the front foot about 4 to 6 inches because that is their weakness. When shooting the heart of deer, you cause less traumatic than but it has a death as clean and neat as possible.

Let you adjust your range between 10 and 60 yards.

Study carefully your selected deer and hunting terrain in order to have a meticulous hunting plan and the right hunting position. Most of deer will be died within 30 yards of stand of archer.

In case, you use bow and arrows in place of guns, you have to get a good skill without creating the too big sound when pulling your bow.

7. Conclusion

You need just find out clearly the detailed information above, I am sure that you will have a deer hunting as convenient and interesting as possible.

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