Gun And Bow Hunting

With choosing hunting weapon, many hunters purchase bow while others believe that gun had better always be the top option. So how about you? Actually, each of them has different advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, to opt for the most suitable weapon for your really interesting hunt, you have to understand the benefits as well as drawbacks of each below:

1> Pros and cons of gun


a. Pros:

It is quite interesting for you to use a gun for hunting when you and your prey are a pretty far distance. If you are nervous, your feeling seems to be experienced a big challenge. In case you are confident with your skill, it is very easy for passing. Utilizing gun helps you harvest more preys than using bow because of its advantage of distance. What is more, with shooting gun, you do not need to practice so much as utilizing bow especially its price is also cheaper than bow very much so it fits to any economic conditions of hunters.

b. Cons:

With the weak skills, it is very easy for you to hurt other people even kill them. In addition, certainly, your sound of gunshots will make noise everyone like other hunters as well as other animals around. I am sure that they will have precautions and run away.

2> Gun: benefits for deer hunting

First of all, most lovers of deer hunting often collect together during rifle or pistol seasons than bow seasons. Even this is considered as a strong traditional deer camp because most of gun seasons about some weeks are shorter than bow seasons lasting months from the early autumn to mid winter.

Next, gun is a kind of modern hunting weapon with several main following benefits. Gun is also capacity of shooting targets with great accuracy. You just need to have the combination of appropriate scope and high quality weapons as well as the assiduous exercise within a year for using gun skilfully, I am sure that you will have a great hunt. If possible, you are able to also shoot from far distances such as on the field or in the forest. Moreover, the gun seasons are held on the hottest deer hunting seasons of the year so this is a good choice so that you harvest animals as many as possible especially deer.

3> Bow: pros and cons


a. Pros-bow hunting:

The bow hunters are rarely discovered by any one else so they will not certainly get into trouble dealing with gun hunters especially it will be very surprised when they were seen by other bow hunters. For this reason, the chances for seeing preys will be higher than gun hunters even triple. The successful rate is as high as possible when bow deer seasons tend to last longer than in the morning and finish before dark. However, bow hunting requires your hunting skills on a lot of levels so it can just be more useful, in the event of the good eyes of the bow hunters.

b. Cons-bow hunting:

The most difficult thing of using bow is that the successful percentage of shooting targets is lower than utilizing gun many times but it is even more expensive than guns. Furthermore, it is very easy for you to be discouraged due to there are more or less hunters who spend all their day in order to keep tracking a trophy buck for just waiting for the opportunity which their distance is 70 yards but finally there is another faster gun hunter.

4>Bow: benefits for deer hunting:

As I said easier, the bow deer hunting seasons are longer than the gun deer hunting seasons so with this choice, you will have more time for acting than others before dark. In fact, the achievement of a bow hunters are higher than gun hunters because according to statistics, most of bow hunters always have their meat feast at night or their trophy is stored in the freezer more than gun hunters.

There are a large number of lessons from hunting by bow so that you learn. For example, you just need to be patient, your hunting instinct has never ever been wasted. Unlike gun, because it is usually difficult for bow hunters to determine precise targets, to make sure their bows are able to kill the selected prey, hunters have to be patient for planning carefully in order to shoot as precise as possible. The bow hunter's patience is also practiced by taking a few seconds even a few minutes to rearrange the arrows. In summary, this has demonstrated that it is very difficult for hunters to balance their patience and instinctively kill when holding a gun in the hands.

Another great advantage of bow hunting is it is very easy to practice the exercises because you can reuse the arrow especially atmosphere is very quiet. This is true, not only gun, most kinds of weapons can not provide quiet atmosphere as bow. Meanwhile, hunting is a very stealth mission needing be quiet the most so Why do not you use it? Sound is not its only benefit, bow do not also have muzzle flash which is uncovered easily. In summary, the silent feature is better than any camouflage during your hunting.

Unlike gun, with this kind of weapon, you are able to practice easily everywhere like the backyard of your house. The most interesting and greatest information is that there are no neighbors informing your local authorities about these acts of "danger". Let you freely shoot a wide range of different distances, angles and conditions so that when hunting in fields or forests with any conditions, you can do the best.

5> Conclusion:

In a word, each kind of weapon has different advantages and disadvantages so let you determine your using demands firstly in order to have the most suitable option. What is more, you had better purchase which weapon brings your happy and comfortable hunt as well as harvests the most animals.

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