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Should coyote and wolf hunting be ease in Ontario?

The ministry of Forestry and Natural Resources has set aside some proposals declared controversial. The proposals were related to ease coyote and wolf hunting in northern Ontario. The MNRF has decided to keep the regulations same as they were before and determined not to move ahead to change the rules to ease hunting of these animals.

Also, the limit that was appointed before would not be changed in any way. According to the ministry, this decision will help hunters in all over the province follow the regulations set by the authority and thus, the same licensing system should work while hunting wolves.

According to a biologist for Ontario Federation Hunters and Anglers, OFAH is disappointed because of the decisions taken by the ministry not to move ahead and to accept the proposals. The groups say that hunters should be liberalized to ease hunting in northern Ontario. The rules need to be changed in the favor of predators and hunters. Wolves are not forbidden to be hunt across the world, so it’s very bad if people are prohibited here in northern Ontario, so they should be liberalized immediately.

Mark Ryckman says that as far back as 2.5-3 years ago, the group members living in the north and here at head office have been calling to improve the situations and regulations about coyote and wolf hunting in the north specifically.


They emphasized on improving the rules based on the merits regardless of what are the possible benefits they want to obtain and regardless of moose population as well as the moose project.

This group speaks out in favor of decreasing the number of predators in the north, just to increase the number of those animals in these areas. The growth of beers is also important same like easing the hunting rules and regulations.

He says it’s a difficult time for the scientists and ministry of wildlife to determine what to do. It’s not easy to figure out which level of wolf hunting would be beneficial in terms of the moose population. The decision in this regard would be a decision ahead of time. Some biologists and other experts of this area can help them make an appropriate decision. Some proficient hunters can play an important role in this regard and can help ministry what to adopt and how to make regulations if they are invited to speak out some suggestions.

Without involving other people and those who own some experience of hunting wolves, the ministry would not reach any result in terms of making any regulation or theory in Ontario.

According to the MNRF, thousands of public comments had been received for 7 days in January. There is no idea about the exact number of those comments, however, they were around 13,000. All were submitted against the proposals and none of them was in the favor of easing the rules to hunt wolves and other similar animals.

Besides, the ministry did receive various requests or petitions along with over 150,000 signatures, all of them were speaking out against the proposals.

The ministry spokesperson Kowalski says that all these comments and petitions prove that we are right in deciding not to move ahead to change the rules written and set earlier. Along with these comments and requests, we have talked with many other aboriginal groups and stakeholders as well as ordinary people and wanted their opinions.

The majority was against the proposals; that’s why we stopped thinking about changing the regulations. The hunters should honor the opinions of ordinary people and experts.

But according to that spokesperson Jolanta Kowalski, our decision doesn’t mean we’ll stop looking and thinking about the ways to sustain the wolves population. The ministry knows many factors that are possible to impact Ontario moose population such as harvest, changing climate, parasites, predation, and habit quality.

All the hunters are requested to keep the license along with them while hunting and moving to the north areas as it will ensure them not to being arrested for breaking the regulations. Especially, when they are in the northern areas or in any place of central Ontario, the license is essential to be kept along.

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